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It all starts with a good desk. This will be the place that all of your work is centered around, where you will spend most of your work day and where you will find all your material. Make sure the desk is big enough to keep all of your things. You don’t want to run a half marathon just to grab a notepad. You also want sufficient space to put your desktop computer or laptop. Preferably, invest some money in a good desk and get one that has a special stand just for your monitor at eye’s’ height and a board for your keyboard, just below the main desk surface.
Next, get a good chair. Having a proper chair with adjustable height and arm rest and a well cushioned seat will pay off in your spine’s health.

A very important and often underestimated office item is proper lighting, you want the light to be bright enough so that you can see, read and write comfortably, without having to squint, but be careful not to choose bulbs that are blindingly bright

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Carter Backer
Creative director