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Welcome to Bespoke Solutions. Some know us as India’s only large format coworking space provider. We’re here to introduce you to three things, carefully designed for your business – incredible workspaces, infectious energy and an ingenious network to tap into.

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Bespoke Solutions places maximum importance on the member journey and translates that into building a happy community that believes in making work, fun.
Not too long ago, we used to be living in a country where more than 65% of the population were below the age of 35. The national age ever since, only seems to be getting younger. A United Nations report suggests that more than 280 million people will enter the job market in India by 2050.1 India was all set to be dominated by a new breed of working professionals – The Millennial.

The workforce was evolving rapidly, but the way office spaces were designed and operated had not seen much change. ‘The Cubicle’ is a 60’s paradigm that sought to utilize space effectively and office spaces haven’t seemed to deviate from a system that was built for an older generation.





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Carter Backer
Creative director