Auto Portal Mgmt Service

Used Car Buyer-Seller Matching / Profiling buyers requirements / Making an inquiry a hot prospect.

Increasing engagement through live chats and routing traffic back to site , Emailing matched options to users to make data live Reminders to users who have made posts – to check out new entries or ask for photographs Reposting user posts on other portals Offline interface with showrooms or used car dealers.

Lead management for all the leads that come via your website by actually calling the customer and asking him what exactly is his requirement all about , and further filtering his need , by asking questions like how soon , will he purchase the car , will he need finance ? , is he also looking at used car options , is he interested to know more about schemes and offers , is he keen to know about the other competitive models , would he need a test drive ? Via filtering the customers need in this manner , we actually convert this very generic inquiry into a very hot and sellable lead , to various car manufacturers .


Live chat for hard to obtain spares or accessories Helpline for vintage car users for spare parts Helpline for complaints Helpline for those stranded in remote locations.

We do come across as doctors or rather pharmacists for automobiles , and are treated like god by various , automobile collectors and enthusiasts all across the country as we help them source parts for cars even their neighbor might not have heard off , and we start with the very basic service parts and go uptoo importing a complete engine for the car, so we actually bridge that fear and the passion to drive those classics as well as the super expensive luxury cars as they are perceived in INDIA , We offer USED as well as NEW parts , directly from the UK via specialist Shippers like DHL and UPS , which delivers at the door step within 24-48 hours.

We offer parts for – Engine , interior , exterior body parts , suspension body parts , electrical body parts as well as frill free advice via video and conference chats with experts in the UK who specialize in models such as the very well known classics in our country like the BMW e30 , Mercedes Benz W140 , Mercedes Benz W 124 , W 210 , W201 , W126 , Land Rovers , Range Rovers , Triumphs , Rolls Royce , Bentley , Porsche , Jaguar , BMW , Volvo , Saab , Rover , MINI , Volks Wagen , Lotus.

Spare parts dealer locators sourcing making it super easy to obtain spare parts for premium or vintage international cars or racing cars.

3. New Car – Updated information
Live prices for all models and variants across all cities, updated by the month Dealer Address and locators Workshop address and locators Accessory dealer address and locators. As the industry have become super active and very aggressive what the automotive portals need is an edge over the other to make sure that they stay on top and hit the number spot on the Google rankings , for that what they need is the information and they need the information to be updated on their portal before anybody else gets it uploaded first.

Its all about using the information at the correct time like for example most awaited cars like the Suzuki Swift , XUV 500 , TATA NANO , if you have the information on your website or live coverage then automatically people will look for information on these cars and hit your website for the same and increasing your chances to increase the targeted visitor volume to a great extent.

Discounts and Offers , we being in a country like INDIA know it for a fact that we are always more interested in the discounts and schemes and the freebies , rather than the actual product , now what we aim at doing is making sure that we track the industries latest discounts on various models and variants and updating it before anybody else does on their web portals , as this is what will again lead to the same point i.e. increased traffic and that’s what really gives us a smile on our face if we are a part of the online business.