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We at BESPOKE CARS , offer a brilliant solution to new car showrooms and car accessories interior in INDIA to get a smile on their customers face while they are being handed over their brand new cars keys , what we offer is a complete kit of products such as –


All these items are BESPOKE LEATHER ITEMS and of extreme hi utility , these products will be used by the customers every day in and out of their usage with their car so keeping that in our mind these products will be embossed with your showrooms name , logo of the brand and your contact details , so that when ever these customers think of a car , they think off you.

We as individuals like to be unique, as different from everyone else. The same goes for our cars. We want our cars to be different, to stand out in a crowd, to reflect our personal style and what’s better than car accessories to personalize our vehicle? Car accessories not only spruce up the car but also enhance the general comfort level of the passengers but also make driving a pleasure. Take a look at a myriad of car accessories – interior accessories available.

All of us want that our car should look the best from every aspect. Well! One of the easiest ways to do this is to buy various car interior accessories that highlight the internal decor of the car. So, if you are searching for car interior accessories, your search ends here. Car interior accessories play a vital role in spicing up your car beauty and making it all the more smart.
Variety of Interior car accessories
If you really want to beautify you car interior then there are plenty of options available in the market. Few of them are :
• Car Key Chains
• Tissue Box
• Car Frames
• Car perfumes
• Document Folders etc.

After beautifying your car with the best accessories, it is necessary to add a final classy touch to your car interior and this can be done through an aromatic car perfume. Car perfumes keep your car fresh and invigorating that further makes your drive a pleasant experience. Car perfume is the best air freshener that creates a perfect ambiance within the car. we are the biggest car interior accessories portal in India.
A variety of car air fresheners are available at different price rates. One can place the car perfume on the dashboard, close to the car AC or blower, to make the fragrance spread across the corners of the car. Fresh and clean interior of the car gives a pleasing driving experience that makes a journey the most mesmerizing one.

The need for a tissue box in a car is indispensable. And there is no argument to run down their importance.
For that matter, we at bespoke solutions are strongly in favor of the Tissue Box that is a handy necessity for every car. Made of high quality Imitation Leather available, they enhance the elegance of your four wheeler’s interior.
Our sole objective is to provide the Indian consumer a range of products that enhance the look of your drive.

Key chains are one of the most common souvenir and advertising items. Key chains are commonly used to promote businesses. A standard advertising key chain will carry the businesses name and contact information and often a logo.
Key chains that currently hold keys are an item that is never long misplaced by the owner.

We present a wide range of frames which is known for its beauty, good color combination and various designs that is used to beautify your cars. We provide our customers with best Frames which are manufactured according to our customers requirements and also provide wholesale car accessories.

• Vibrant colors
• Attractive designs
• Easy to stick
• Scratch & shrinkage resistance
• Easy to clean.
Our Frames are offered in different and shapes such as double glass frame, glass frame white.