Lead Generation


 Yes Super-specialization!!

As we generate fresh UK b2c inquiries with detailed UK CUSTOMERS PROFILED information for you to qualify your prospect with just one go with any parameter. We work with both quality and quantity to make sure that you do not just get revenue but repeat revenue in this highly competitive UK LEAD GENERATION MARKET , As the financial as well as the insurance sector has become a highly fast paced sector , with too many brokers using ethical as well as non ethical traffic to drive the prospects to their website , however beyond all of that the customers still look for the human personal touch rather than the various online tools that simply play with the prospects innocent search methods on google.co.uk.

So what we have tried to do is achieve a fine blend , to generate traffic via the super aggressive online marketing efforts via using our skill in the SEO , Social media as well as the viral marketing space , and the way we generate traffic is via various methods such as email marketing , studying the prospects behavior and constantly evolving in our methods like sms marketing as well as social broad casts.

Our team is currently pumping out the following on a daily basis for the B2C sector.

· UK Unsecured Loan Leads
· UK Secured Loan Leads
· UK Life Insurance Leads
· UK House and Contents Insurance Leads
· UK Pension Release Leads
· UK Debt Consolidation Leads
· UK E-Cigarette Leads
· UK Log – book Loan leads
· UK Car Loan leads
· UK Home Improvement leads
· UK Debt Management Leads
· UK IVA leads
· UK Re – mortgage leads
· UK Mortgage leads
· UK Credit card debt leads
· UK Secured debt leads

Our process to Lead generate UK B2C leads is simple , exquisite seo on various websites with focus on each of these products and making sure that we , regularly aim at targeting the end user for their requirements and make it very simple for them to get to a solution rather than the regular long lengthy forms that make them write their biography every now and then.

Our process is simple –

1.) Target websites – One product one website aiming at a customer looking for that particular product or service.

2.) Driving the customer to the website via Seo , social media , targeted email marketing , targeted sms marketing.

3.) Very simple user interface , to ensure the prospect connects with us quickly as possible on a click.

4.) Inquiry comes into the system and is forwarded to a live human specialist who is well trained on that particular product.

5.) Telemarketer will call the web lead and validate the information as closely as possible within the criteria mentioned by you.

6.) Validations will check the intent level of the customer and how soon does he want to proceed , with the deal.

7.) We will fix a perfect call back time that suits you and the customer and also brief the customer who will be contacting them to finally take this forward and close the same very quickly.

8.) The lead Generation is forwarded to you real time via live feeds and our super evolved LMS and we always suggest you also offer real time feedback to ensure if anything we can do to convert a not interested to an interested we do so.

How to place an order –

1.) Email us on info@bespoke-solutions.co.in or call us on 02921500014.

2.) Tell us exactly what your service offering to the customer is ?

3.) We map the customers expectation setting and get the same in sync with your service offering.

4.) You need to tell us the daily volumes you can handle ?

5.) We calculate the price per lead generation depending on the information you need in a customer’s profile ?

6.) We raise a purchase order with an Invoice.

7.) You make a payment and your leads start coming in.


Process – U.K (P.I) Personal Injuries

Types Of Accident –

(i) Road Traffic accident –

Accident within 2.5 years.
No Own Fault
G.P / Hospital
T.P Details
No Solicitor.
Customer will be ready to Claim.

(ii) Work accident –

Accident within 2.5 years.
No Own Fault
G.P / Hospital
Mentioned in Accident Book.
No Solicitor.
Customer will be ready to Claim.

(iii) Slip Trip Accident –

Accident within 2.5 years.
No Own Fault
G.P / Hospital
No Solicitor.
Customer will be ready to Claim.



So we are eager to serve and make your business focus on what you do best and let us work on the rest !!