Standard Tools

These facilities are up for offer to any individual or business that works out of Bespoke Solution WorkSpaces.

  • Internet (High Speed Leased Line as primary & high speed broadband as backup).
  • Wi-Fi enabled premises.
  • Electricity with UPS backup.
  • Fresh Drinking Water.
  • Free unlimited Tea & Coffee.
  • Free usage of common areas (common balcony, discussion rooms & lounge).
  • Well-maintained toilets with toiletries.
  • Meeting rooms, Discussion rooms and Conference rooms at minimal charges.
  • Full fledged kitchen with microwave, fridge & essential crockeries.
  • In-house security & maintenance staff.

Community benefits

The wholesome community of entrepreneurs, mentors and business evangelists at Bespoke Solution present you the opportunity to receive more than just a space to work.

Discover and share knowledge with other members, mentors, entrepreneurs. There’s a constant flow of information, experience and learning at Bespoke Solution.

  • Learn and teach the mores of business culture. Grow and become a part of a community of like-minded individuals and businesses.
  • All the long week, speakers, orators and lecturers impart precious insights and experiences that will alter your perception of work ethics and principles.
  • The people around you matter more than your environment. Bespoke Solution WorkSpaces are the perfect hotspots to grow your network and meet interesting motivated individuals.
  • Be in company of those who’ve already made it big. Influential individuals walk in and out of Bespoke Solution WorkSpaces every day. And making conversations with them is as simple as: Hello.
  • Work side by side with other ventures. Synergise. Collaborate and CoCreate with other businesses, and seek bigger opportunities.
Dedicated Desks
Desks and storage units blocked for you and your team
  • Secure storage space
  • High speed internet
  • Complementery print facility*
  • Reception & housekeeping
  • Unlimited hot beverages

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