Social Media Interventions

In today’s times where most of our activities in a day happen on the internet via our smart phones , computers , pads etc … it is very important for companies to keep their websites uptoo date , as well as on top of their own industry related news , now the big question is how ? as they are ideally too busy running their daily operation , chalking out the growth path and planning for contingencies , and that’s where we come in where in you can consider us your companies personal assistant that will keep you on top of the competition by always being proactive and by recording day to day journey of a company product or service , to keep your followers always interested In knowing more and urging them to go back to your , website of your social pages by choice.

Various things that we aim at doing via our services –

Marketing Collaterals

Collateral Development
Website designing
Video creation

Content creation services
Writing for blogs
Collating of third party articles for linkage with your blogs
Continuous website updation for ongoing fresh content

Building online presence
Tweeting on specified subjects
Responding to other blogs/articles on agreed subjects
Joining forums, creating own forums
Building traffic to blog, and forums
Online traffic generation to website and blog

Social Media services
Search Engine optimization
Integrated Twitter, Linked In, Flickr, Face Book strategies

Online marketing
Event marketing
Generating databases
Email marketing

Lead Qualification and setting appointments

Building user communities and loyalty groups Live user groups– managed regularly. All companies manage their platforms to ensure positive rub-offs Emailing customer satisfaction surveys Contests to build engagement and top-of-mind recall. Social media initiatives on Twitter, Facebook, Orkut Creation of auto geek communities by posting relevant material on above sites and then routing them to CSI Contests, Quizzes and rewards through social media. Organizing contests and rewards programs on social media sites, as a build-up to a car launch Building a user community which is excited at an upcoming launch. Creation of databases Mystery audits on behalf of auto brands at their showrooms/workshops