Web Development

Once upon a time websites were known as boring online business cards which represented your business on the internet. Times have changed and quite drastically since the past few years and this has turned the web space upside down, What are we talking about here ? Search, Yes online search still remains an area where your customers spend most of their focused time, Looking for things, answers to queries, services to fix something broken.

What are you doing about it?

Reading more and more case studies on how other companies made it big won’t help anymore because you are excited by looking at the eyeballs but at the same time a little disappointed at the back of your head because it is not your own website. Here with our web solidifying services we have got an action plan for you. It goes as follows just follow the ladder.

Operation # 1 – A Search Engine Friendly Site
Search engines have been around for a while now, they have evolved a lot in the process and have become more intelligent, So there is no point staying at the back-foot.

So What all does a modern Search Engine Do?
It Simply Respects a Website With –
1) Quick Loading Time
2) Fresh Relevant Content ( Increases Keyword Strength )
3) Links From Other Websites
So, we at Bespoke Solutions work on enhancing your website in all these domains, thus making it fit for today’s web.
Talking in Business as usual language, people get hooked with things that are interesting, easy to find and have some kind of social trust factor.
All these improvements would count into a completely optimized website, We would also do consistent Keyword research to keep your website up to date with thousands of searches being made everyday.
Operation # 2 – Driving Action From Search Traffic
Getting a lot of people to visit your website would not do any good till the time they do not act upon your service or product, if they get delusional as soon as they get to the website they are probably never going to come back.
We would be designing your website with an aim, where every page serves its purpose.
Thus if you want them to sign up for an email newsletter, make a payment on a shopping cart or share your content with their friends in each of these cases website would function systematically like a GPS navigating them towards the end objective.
Operation # 3 Landing Page Optimization 
When people come to your website, they come for a specific reason, if that reason is not served they leave in split seconds. This happens when they get many disorganized pages or links on the landing page.
We create landing pages that install the sense of your brand and give them a quick idea of what you do and how you can help them with what they want.
Your promise to them, must be portrayed on the landing page itself with a final push button placed to derive an action.
Operation # 4 Get Rid of Bad Content Writing
” Industry Leading Company in Cutting Edge Design With a Global Approach. “
Did you understand the above line? What did the writer want to say?
We bet you did not, In fact you might have read these words so many times that they do not hold any particular meaning now.
These are the words used in millions of website today and only reflect the bad state of the writer that you hired and who was probably never interested in your services.
So, how can we expect him to write something meaningful?
Here at Bespoke Solutions while writing content for your website, our writers make sure that they understand every aspect of the business and the picture you want to share with the world and how it affects your consumer as well.
Thus we are able to write the content for the readers, Yes that sounds obvious but most writers forget about it or ignore it some sense.
Operation # 5 – Social Media Optimization 
There are millions of people on social websites today because they think it is the new ecosystem where they interact with friends and brands that they like. So it is very important to have a social presence as a channel to share quality content with your audience.
Like our optimized Facebook page design does wonders to your search engine ranking as Facebook is a high value website and when you start ranking for a particular keyword on it, you hit the Google first page as well, an example would be while searching for people online  most pages that we get are Facebook pages.Gives you a great opportunity to tap in the search traffic.
Part of our social regime is creating an email newsletter for your website, so that you can update consumers with valuable insights going on in your market thus keep them coming back at your website, further supercharging your website.