Bespoke Medical Tourism

Bespoke Medical Travel Services is a Private Limited Company founded by a team of professionals with an aim of providing Quality, Customized Health care and Tourism Services in India. Bespoke Medical Travel Services is a health care facilitator, who understands the medical needs of our international visitors, providing them the much needed health care services of global standards and also provide them with the natural, historical and cultural facets of India making our visitors’ stay a pleasurable one.

Our strategic partnerships with JCI and NABH accredited specialty medical hospitals and the rich expertise we have gained over the years  makes us an outstanding health care service provider.

Why Bespoke ?

As a health care facilitator, our team of medical and non-medical professionals will help you to :

  • Make informed decisions on selecting the hospitals
  • For accommodation, transportation, surgery and post medical treatment
  • Coordinate all medical correspondence with your physician and the surgeon
  • Choose the right destination for recuperation